Available to Order


5kg – £20

10kg – £30

25kg – £65

Crushed Maize Mix

5kg Sweet Nut Cloud – £25

5kg Amino Cloud – £25

5kg Krill Cloud – £25

Spod Mix

5kg £18

10kg £28

15kg £35

20kg £45

25kg £49


£10 per kilo

18ml B5 boilies

18ml banoffee

These are the boilies we use to feed our fish with.

Also available variation of popups wafflers.

We do not allow any other particles to be used on the lake and anybody found breaking this rule will be asked to leave.

We require you to pre-order any baits, so we can have them ready at the lake for when you arrive. 

(Minimum: 3 weeks notice)

We keep all baits in stock so you can order more during the week if required.

All bait is payable on arrival in £ (Pounds) (Any bait ordered over £100 requires a 30% deposit)